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Trees and landscape are closely linked, yet the professions of arboriculture and garden/landscape design are generally kept separate. We are increasingly aware of the intrinsic value of trees, yet often the environments we place around them are hostile to their health. It could and should be the opposite, so that one enhances the other. In urban environments, the creation of green infrastructure is vital, especially where trees cannot be planted.

Combining these areas of expertise is the job of a landscape designer, systems engineer and arboricultural consultant, one Mark Laurence has done throughout UK and internationally for over 40 years.

What is an Ecological Garden

why does it make for good garden design

Putting ecological thinking at the heart of a garden or landscape is essential for minimising the negative impacts of development, but more importantly, for maximising the environmental benefits. This gives you, the client, peace of mind, knowing that your garden or landscape will make a positive contribution to local ecosystems and climatic resilience.

You might have an urban town garden, a country retreat or a coastal home. Or you might have a commercial development that needs input, tree assessment and planning consent. Designing with a sympathetic set of principles will bring out the best possible result for any space.

Ecosystem Generation

creating a micro-ecosytem in every landscape

The Garden Ecosystem

We don't tend to think of our gardens or landscapes as an ecosystem, yet they are. Ecosystems though, have to reach a 'critical mass' to thrive, something that doesn't automatically happen withought some careful thought.

To do this we have to choose our plants, not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for their role in the wider system of planting. We look for their physical place, size, flower, fruit, wildlife potential, soil suitability and climate adaptive qualities. They have to work harmoniously with their neighbours, forming a coheasive whole.

Coastal garden planting

A coastal garden with a palette of plants that thrive in the mild temperatures and salt-laden winds.

Wetland Garden in West Sussex

A wetland garden with deckwalk and raised, dry planting mounds, creating a varied ecosystem.

Design Services

Detail on services provided

I have full experience in all aspects of garden design with a focus on environmentally sensitive gardens, be that urban, beach or woodland-edge. In the linked pages below (or in menu) I explain in more detail the three disciplines I fuse together to make this all work: arboriculture, garden design and ecosystem thinking.

Trees in Gardens

Care, advice, surveying, management of trees in gardens, especially in relation to wider site design integration.

drought-tolerant, natural garden design
Garden Design

Design for natural beauty and environmental connection using sustainable materials and resilient, naturalistic planting.

Ecosystem Generation

All planting needs to generate an adaptive ecosystem, no matter what conditions or soil. From wetlands to dry-steppe style planting.


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